yoga & de-stressing for the holidays

i recently found myself in a total state over, of all things, christmas cards! there are so many choices and suddenly so little time.  i happened to listen to an old radiolab podcast on stress around the same time.  it  reminded me how our human stress response didn’t evolve for dealing with modern life – traffic, deadlines, finding the perfect holiday cards! yoga has taught me a lot, and continues to teach me a lot, about dealing with stress. in journey into power baron baptiste says, “your yoga mat is a place to invite in stress and meet it head-on, to rewire your mind on a daily basis.”  he points out that yoga won’t change the things in our life that cause stress, but yoga can help us change our reactions to those things. and that is really the key!  i decided to let the stress over my cards go.  i mailed a card to my grandfather, who could use some extra cheering up this year, the rest of my card sending can wait. maybe i’ll be inspired to send new year’s cards. or maybe friends and family won’t get cards from me this holiday season. but i will be a more cheerful presence to the people i interact with.

have you felt the stresses of the holidays this year?  do you think your yoga has helped you react more calmly? join kevin this weekend for a restorative yoga workshop to help de-stress a bit more.

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