yogi of the month – carol meyers

this title is reserved for yogis who have shown a strong dedication to their practice, are enthusiastic about their growth, and enjoy sharing it with others.

tranquil space is like a luxurious cashmere wrap. it soothes and comforts, and is an excellent investment in self care.

i began growing my yoga practice at tranquil space’s dupont location last october, following seven months of unusual and challenging life events. i dove into vinyassa, savoring the flow of movement and breath. looking within, i’ve learned over the months, is the ultimate act of self care.

it’s a privilege to call tranquil space my home studio (and i’m honored to be named yogi of the month for december). here’s my list of ten things about tranquil space for which i am grateful:

1. hip hop yoga and lots of other featured classes.
2. tranquility du jour podcasts/videos. i’ve been introduced to dozens of incredibly creative individuals via the show; it’s truly inspiring.
3. the summer 2008 online creativity circle, which taught me to nurture my creative self.
4. tranquilit. to. die. for! organic bamboo may be more luscious than cashmere.
5. kimberly’s collection: book one, book two, plus three cds. i’m also looking forward to the release of book three, tranquilista.
6. the 17th street, n.w., location – an eco-fabulous refuge in the heart of the city.
7. all of the wonderful individuals comprising tranquil space, from the front desk, teachers and fellow yogis to the creative director herself.
8. workshops! favorites have included darren main (yoga and the path of the urban mystic) and gina sager (mindfulness-based stress reduction). looking forward to angela gargano (yoga and wine: awakening the senses) in march 2010.
9. planner pads!
10. the inspiration to take my yoga off the mat and into the real world, every day.

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