teacher feature – colleen bertrand

how is it possible that i can repeatedly return to a rubbery rectangle on the floor, move and breath in prescribed ways and find something refreshing each time? there is something amazing and, at the same time, ordinary about yoga.

since completing teacher training and beginning my teaching, my practice has become even richer. to be honest, i was apprehensive about teacher training at tranquil space. in addition to the commitment it required, i didn’t want to disturb my ideal of yoga. as a student, i was convinced that the amazing teachers at tranquil space possessed some magical powers. now that i was being given a glimpse behind the scenes and saw that (gasp!) my favorite teachers were human beings, i feared that “my” tranquil space would be lost. on the contrary, i came to realize that yoga is larger than a studio or teacher. being a part of a process bigger than me also helps me realize i don’t need to be a magician to be a good teacher!

part of the magic of yoga for me is the discipline of teaching and regular practice. within the 8 limbs of yoga, the niyama of tapas addresses self-discipline. judith lasater writes of having for years confused discipline with “getting things done” when it actually has more to do with intention and commitment. my classes are regular standing dates on my calendar that i look forward to and hold sacred. when i carve out a time for a consistent personal practice, whether at home or in a class, i feel more whole and centered.



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