holeco life personal care products

we all use soaps, lotions, and other personal care products. do you know what’s in them? do you know how these ingredients affect your body? no need to worry anymore with items from the holeco life line, which were featured in daily candy this month.

this locally produced, non toxic, beauty line is the baby of honi borden. her passion for creating the products came from the inability to find items that would not be harsh for her clients at her medical spa. after years of research and hard work, she is happy to share it with the world and tranquil space.

the lemongrass and lavender scented multi-wash is gentle enough to use on hair, body, and face. follow up and moisturize with the equally yummy eco herbal body lotion.

also in stock and great for the upcoming gift giving season are the travel set and baby gift set. both feature the wonderful natural products, but in smaller containers for all your personal care needs on the go.

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