guest blogger – jason fabrikant

on wednesday, september 16th, 2009, i called my sister who invited me to yoga at tranquil space. the only difference from all of our other classes was that this was prenatal and as far i as i knew, neither my sister, nor mom who was attending, were pregnant. i was surprised and didn’t know how to answer — i love to go to yoga but questions quickly surfaced. is my sister pregnant? is my mom pregnant? is that possible? guys don’t go to prenatal yoga classes do they? (still not sure of the answer to the latter).

no, my mom wasn’t pregnant, but my sister was! the phone call to join at the prenatal class as her birth announcement was quintessential my sister and i was so happy for her and surprised! the first baby of our generation. i chose to wait in the dupont studio tea area, and a gift certificate and a big hug arrived her on the completion of the class, and all ended well as it always does at ts. the day i learned i would be an uncle was shared at a special place with special people including marq and linda who kept me entertained while waiting — and i didn’t even step onto the mat. in march i will celebrate two birthdays most likely, mine and my nephews, and a mini-mat will be a gift.

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