congrats to jane vaganek

for successfully completing 500-hour teacher training (tt500) at tranquil space yoga. throughout the training, jane demonstrated her exceptional knowledge and experience with human anatomy and physiology. jane is renowned for being an accomplished and compassionate teacher of yoga, as well as a professional and academic kinesiologist. through this integration of interests, jane developed her final thesis presentation for tt500. jane completed tt500 on saturday, october 31st 2009 with an extensive and objective presentation entitled “one-on-one yoga training: an investigation of yoga privates in the united states”. this presentation was based on a thoroughly designed thesis project. jane researched and contrasted yoga training with other comparable “fitness” fields and developed some useful questions for the development of yoga as a professional field. during tt500 jane was known for her objective eye, sense of humor, and commitment to integrity. she can be seen in the future at yoga and fitness conferences around the world, or at her new yoga studio opening in central florida, or also at her upcoming wedding to the love of her life. congratulations jane all of us at tranquil space are very proud of you!

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