tranquil way to keep germs at bay

we are in the midst of cold and flu season. (have you had your flu shot yet?) to keep you and others healthy during this time of the year, i’d like to offer a few suggestions.

do you know the proper way to sneeze? not in your hand. this is the fastest way to spread a cold. you should cough or sneeze into your sleeve. this keeps your hands germ free. check out elmo giving a great demonstration:

if you are feeling under the weather or coming down with a cold we ask you to stay at home to get better. i’ve heard people say that they feel that a good workout will sweat out the bug. the only problem with this scenario is that you can potentially pass your cold to someone else. that’s not a very tranquil thing to do.

in the boutique you’ll find several products to keep germs at bay. there is hand sanitizer at the front desk that can be used before and after class. you can even purchase a small 2 ounce bottle that is perfect for use on the go. we even have emergen-c to boost your immune system and sanitizing wipes to keep all the icky germs off your hands. check out the neti pot kit to cleanse nasal passages and treat allergies, colds, nasal congestion and post-nasal drip. this time honored practice has recently been championed by many and requested by several customers.

i hope these tips and products will help keep you well this season.

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