tranquil space team retreat

recently the tranquil space team gathered in the earth studio of dupont for our annual team retreat. attached are photos of the team posing and busily discussing omwork, along with crystal rocking the all-in-one organic bamboo wrap in our eco-fashion show. our gathering was facilitated by long-time yogini michelle hynes – a tranquil space living room original!

here was the rundown of our gathering:
4:15-4:30 pm, Sign in + get settled
4:30 pm, Welcome +  introductions
4:50 pm, Reflections on our growth over 10 years, and Tranquil Space today
5:00 pm, Creating the Tranquil Space Experience (individual reflection, short inspirational talks, and team discussion)
6:00 pm, Yoga/pranayama break
6:10 pm, Updates Part 1 (yoga; teacher training; foundation)
6:30 pm, Team reflections on “then & now,” future aspirations
6:40 pm, Updates Part 2 (spa, bethesda, arlington)
6:55 pm, “Strike a pose” break
7:00 pm, Boutique + eco-fashion show
7:15 pm, Closing Reflections
7:30 pm, Adjourn: Tea + cookies will be served in the tea bar

all team members had OMwork:
* Where was your first encounter with Tranquil Space? What’s one specific memory you associate with your experience — a visual impression, a feeling, a conversation, a taste or smell…?

* When you think about your experience at Tranquil Space now — as a student, a shopper, a spa client, an employee or volunteer — what are two or three words you associate with that experience? What is important to you about being part of this community?

the words welcoming, nurturing, and community were common, along with smells of lavender and the taste of our tranquilitea blend.

our goal was to give oodles of kudos to the team for making the past 10 years happen, to inform on all the exciting going-ons, and to discuss ways to offer the utmost tranquility in the next decade. every year it is *amazing* to look out at the talented team that helps make tranquil space the special haven that it is.

thank you to the amazing team and community for making tranquil space shine over the past decade.

xo, kimberly

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