team player of the month – eden defendini

this title is reserved for members of our team who embody the tranquil space values, excel in their role at the studio, and have a passion for their practice.

my first encounter with tranquil space (ts) happened when i walked up the staircase and through the doors of the p street studio in 2007. as i stepped into the door a sweet sea green yoga studio appeared ahead of me. i felt the sense one has when discovering a secret garden or tree house. i was absolutely giddy to find a community that i could relate to in the big, seemingly conservative, and at that time new-to-me, city. these days, the tranquil space community represents the outer forces that push & pull me towards my greater self. i am encouraged and inspired by my friends, teammates, and the people i serve, to approach myself with kindness and to go for it!

i love the open attitudes that permeate the ts community. i love sitting and chatting at the studio with other yogis discussing different ways we all incorporate yoga into our busy city lives. elements of the program at ts such as asana of the month keep us all on the same page and enhance the feeling of community: in august everyone knew that everyone else was working on compass pose! after taking a yoga class at the studio, or after assisting or teaching one, i actually fall asleep visualizing asanas… it brings peace to my life and resets my internal happiness clock. thank you ts! happy birthday!

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