november spa news

how did we get to november already?
believe it or not, the holidays are imminent folks. consider a gift card to the spa this season. available in any denomination or for specific services! available in-studio or online under “shop”.

with the cold and flu season upon us, you can rest easy knowing that there is a doctor in the house! dr. rhodo nguyen is up in our spa offering several services. here is a quick sampling of what you can expect from a visit to dr nguyen:

naturopathic medicine:
a doctor’s visit that takes into account your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. using a drug-free approach, a combination of homeopathy, botanical medicine, and nutritional and lifestyle counseling is created to help you achieve optimal health. in addition, we also offer functional laboratory testing to aid in our evaluation of your health.
· initial consultation (1 ½ hrs – 2hrs.): $250
· nutritional evaluation and body composition assessment (1 hour): $130
· follow-up visits: $50-$90

colon hydrotherapy:
a gentle cleansing of the colon using filtered water to release buildup of fecal matter that has accumulated over the years. your colon is the window to your total body health. releasing things that “no longer serve you” is key to improving your overall health.
· initial consultation including detoxification diet (1 ½ hours): $180
· follow-up visits: $90

craniosacral therapy:
a light touch energy treatment that works to free up energy tension patterns in the fascia layer – connective tissue that surrounds all of our organs and muscles. tension patterns can be caused by physical or emotional stress and can disrupt the flow of the natural craniosacral rhythm thereby blocking the body’s innate ability to heal itself. after a craniosacral session, patients feel more balanced and grounded (50 mins): $90

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