team player of the month – lucy biederman

this title is reserved for members of our team who embody the tranquil space values, excel in their role at the studio, and have a passion for their practice.

to write a couple paragraphs about yoga feels in some ways like trying to write a couple paragraphs describing the world. yoga is a world; and so is tranquil space. i felt that from the first time i took a class at tranquil space arlington, two years ago.

of all the things i love about ts, what i love most must be the intensity of the classes, all that sweating and focusing and breathing and modifying and experimenting. as a grad student in poetry at george mason, i spend a lot of time brooding in my room; sometimes i’m in a really bad mood at the beginning of class. but i always feel different – fortified – by the end.

there’s a line i love by the poet cszelaw milosz, “the purpose of poetry is to remind us how difficult it is to remain just one person.” i think, for me, that might be the purpose of yoga, too. it shows me again and again and again how available change is. it’s about making space for myself to be all the people that i am. a year and a half ago, it seemed utterly impossible that i would ever do a headstand. i thought it was something i objectively couldn’t do. but now i’m a person who can do a headstand.

about six months after i took my first tsa class, i became the pr person for tsa, putting up schedules and signs around clarendon and publicizing ts events. a few months later i became a studio assistant, too. i helped out at lunafest, a women’s film festival benefiting tranquil space foundation, last spring and at the tsa two-year anniversary potluck a few weeks ago. i’m not usually one to volunteer so actively; it’s just that it’s so fun to be part of this community. last weekend at clarendon day, even though it was raining and cold and things were ever so slightly disorganized, we were still laughing and talking and having fun under the tsa tent.

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