sigg bottles & BPA

sigg bottles had a large sales boom when it was discovered that nalgene water bottles were leaching bisphenol or BPA. many consumers switched from the popular plastic bottles to aluminum or stainless steel water bottles. aluminum bottles, unlike stainless steel, require a liner. you may have heard the latest news that the president of sigg has announced that liners of their reusable bottles made prior to august 2008 contain trace amounts of BPA. for full details, you can read his letter here. in the letter, he claims that none of the liners leached BPA and reminds users that the bottles were never labeled as BPA free.

to see if you have sigg’s BPA free eco-care liner,

open your bottle and look inside. it will be very easy to see which liner you have.

the old liner has a shiny copper color and the new liner has a pale yellow coating. (see photo to the right or read the sigg bulletin)

sigg is offering an exchange program for any bottle that you may have purchased with the former liner. if you discover your sigg bottle has the old liner, you should return the bottle directly to sigg rather than the retailer. for instructions on how to return the bottles, review the link here.

tranquility boutique offers stainless steel bottles from both earthlust and the tranquil space klean kanteen. these beautiful bottles are made from food-grade stainless steel that don’t require a liner (and have been BPA-free since day one). our goal is to bring all of our customers unique, safe and quality products. we were very disappointed to learn that older sigg bottles leached BPA, however we are satisfied that the remaining sigg bottles in stock at tranquility boutique have the new liner and are BPA-free.

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