karma yoga updates

with the temperatures falling, and the skies growing darker, an invitation to turn inward naturally transpires. personally i’m always energized by the sun, and seeing less and less of it tends to dampen my mood. one way i stay connected to light is through karma yoga. connecting to a body of light outside my own brightens not only my world, but many many worlds around it, some that i can’t even see! as the air turns crisp, i invite you to stay warm by connecting to a greater spirit, that of service and giving your time.
on that note, i’d like to share with you that kevin and his karma yoga class raised a whopping $409 to benefit the whitman-walker clinic and the upcoming aids walk on october 3rd! thanks to all the yogis who came out to support a cause that not only touches the world, but hits especially close to home in dc, where the epidemic is still on the rise. missed the session but still interested in volunteering? visit: www.wwc.org.
this month, dibora hosts a karma yoga workshop for clowns without borders! this is a fantastic global organization that offers laughter to relieve the suffering of all, especially children, who live in areas of crisis ( including refugee camps, conflict zones and countries in states of emergency). the next mission is to columbia in november and all proceeds will go to funding this upcoming trip.
it’s a special month, as dc has the honor of hosting his holiness the dalai lama. in addition to a number of receptions, he’s hosting a public talk on saturday, october 10th, that many of us will be eagerly attending (it is sold out now).
if you weren’t able to snag tickets for saturday’s talks, there are a number of other events with tickets still available that are sure to be just as inspiring.
of note, a special reception, the light of truth awards, with a special address in person by the dalai lama. it is the most prestigious award in the tibet movement. this year, the late julia taft will be honored, a great humanitarian who was deeply committed to tibet. individual tickets are available here or by calling the harman box office at 202-547-1122 or toll free 877-487-8849.
as always, feel free to contact me with any/all ideas and thoughts surrounding karma yoga service!

-niyati shah

niyati shah is a tranquil space teacher and director of the karma yoga program.

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