surfing the seasons with ayurveda

by allison asplin, a studio assistant at tranquil space arlington and a 2009 graduate of our level one teacher training program

these days, everyone can feel it: a change is in the air. as summer slips gently into fall, i feel a tingle of excitement for fresh starts and new beginnings – even though it’s been years since i had a “first day of school” to look forward to. luckily, the ancient eastern science of ayurveda offers an explanation for my seasonal sense of anticipation.

ayurveda teaches that a different element dominates each season, so a yogi should adjust his or her habits and patterns to stay in balance throughout the cycle of the year. fall is associated with the element air – like a brisk breeze, it sweeps change along in its wake – which is often welcome after the lazy heat of the fire-dominated summer.

therefore, i’m taking some time over the next week or two to think about how to change my habits to be ready for the new season. i’ll begin to shift my yoga practice from cooling, restorative poses like shoulder stand and supta baddha konasana to more invigorating heating poses, like urdhva dhanurasana (wheel) and headstand. i’ll slowly switch my meals from cool, refreshing salads to warm, comforting soups. and, yes, i’ll probably do a little shopping to refresh my wardrobe for the season too. (can’t wait to see the new TranquiliT designs in the boutique!)

what are you doing to maintain balance in your life for fall?

image: (cc) surfer girl

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