*karma*community*charity: second sundays

as you know we’ve been offering various karma offerings at the studio, with some great feedback. with the help of our ts team, i’d like to let you know about a new offering we’re going to be having at the studio. in an effort to make the karma offerings a more regular part of the schedule, we will be offering it up once a month: second sundays (with a few holiday exceptions/changes)

on any given second sunday, you’ll find a teacher who is donating their time to teach a class for a cause they are passionate about. get to know your teachers on another level!!

in the spirit of giving back/karma. we’d like to involve you, the yogis in the karma action as well. in december, we want you to pick your cause, and a teacher will be donating her/his time to the cause you choose as well.

email me, leave a comment here, or go old school and leave a note for me at the studio. tell me what cause is dear to your heart. look forward to building our karma commuity with you.

namaste – niya

ps. on facebook? look for our events posted there as well, invite your friends family!

sundays 2009
september 13 – kevin waldorf-cruz, dc aids walk 12:15-1:30pm
october 18 – dibora amanuel, clowns without borders 4:30-6
november 8 tbd
december 13 – jodi 11am you decide the cause/org!

sundays 2010
january 10 tbd
february 21 susanna, dc rape crisis center
march 14 – 6-7:15 kimberly, tranquil space foundation 6pm
april 11- hilary cause tbd
may 9 (also mothers day) abby strunk, mother’s day event for rhonda’s club
june 13 tbd
july 11 tbd
august 15 tbd
september 12 tbd

(all events below will be online in the workshops section of our ts website)

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