get your sun salutation on

The sun salutation is a full body movement series that stimulates and warms the body while caressing the internal organs. Begin the series below on both sides for at least 15 minutes. Return to your world, energized and replenished with that blissful yoga glow!

Ground yourself in tadasana. Exhale your hands to prayer position in front of your heart.

Inhale and extend the arms up over the head.

Exhale swan dive reaching the arms out to the sides as you fold forward.

Inhale step back with your right leg to a lunge.

Exhale step back with your left leg to downward facing dog, your inverted V.

Inhale forward to plank, line your shoulders over the wrists and your heels above the balls of the feet.

Exhale drop your knees, chest in between your hands, and chin to the earth with the bum lifting up in the air.

Inhale slide up to cobra, elbows hug the body, inner ankle bones draw in towards one another, sternum lifted tall and proud, relax the shoulders from the ears.

Exhale curl your toes under, lift your hips up and back to downward facing dog.

Inhale step forward with your right foot, lining up your fingers and toes.

Exhale step your left foot in between both hands to a forward fold, uttanasana.

Inhale extend your arms out to the sides and up, palms of the hands together above your head.

Exhale hands to prayer.

Voila, repeat on the other side.

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