yogi of the month – diana jeschke

this title is reserved for yogis who have shown a strong dedication to their practice, are enthusiastic about their growth, and enjoy sharing it with others.
i first came to tranquil space a little over a year ago. at that time, i had never done yoga before, but when i saw there was a studio a block from my apartment i had to try it. i’m so glad i did, because it really only took that first class, and i was hooked. the teachers are great, and everyone at the studio is always so friendly and welcoming. i am also a runner and love how the stretching from yoga has improved my running form and helped me prevent injuries. i enjoy the discipline of a dedicated practice and marking small personal milestones along the way. over the past year, my yoga practice has become a very important part of my life, and i am delighted to have found such a wonderful studio. i am truly grateful to have found the tranquil space community.

One thought on “yogi of the month – diana jeschke

  1. Anonymous

    December 10, 2009 at 2:21am

    Oh, Diana! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful thoughts.
    You’re a real yogi thinker.
    About the third week of every month I feel like I also need a way to relieve some of my pent up stress, and I’m really hoping that this will help me out as well.

    -Soo Yong

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