by allison asplin, a studio assistant at tranquil space arlington and a 2009 graduate of our level one teacher training program

service is the rent we each pay for living. it is not something to do in your spare time; it is the very purpose of life. — marian wright edelman

here in the dc area, we have plenty of opportunities to be of service to others. we can find opportunities for volunteer service on the tranquil space karma yoga page, volunteer for the tranquil space foundation, or give our time to any number of other worthy causes and organizations. but how can we transform service from something we do for two hours on the weekend to something that’s an integral part of our everyday lives?

this week, i’m going to try to find small ways to serve others on my usual daily path. maybe i’ll serve my coworkers by refilling the paper in the copier, even though it’s technically “not my job.” maybe i’ll serve a friend by really listening to her with compassion and without judgment. maybe i’ll serve the earth by riding my bike to yoga class instead of driving. maybe i’ll serve a stranger by letting that person who’s tapping her foot impatiently behind me in the grocery store checkout line go ahead of me.

what will you do, or have you done, this week to serve others in your daily life?

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