get your tranquility on

feeling stressed, strapped for time, or in need of a vacation? i’ve pulled together potpourri of ideas to help you get your tranquility on right now (even if a pug is in your yoga way)!

tips for tranquility:
- step away from your work/computer and take a walk around the block
- draw your shoulders up to your ears, back, and then slide your shoulder blades into your back pockets
- sip tea
- nosh on chocolate covered almonds
- light a candle or incense
- read something inspirational
- take one small step toward a big goal
- listen to madeline peyroux
- do lion’s pose and make a funny face
- surround yourself with inspiring photos of happy times, places, and people
- organize your desk
- roll out your mat and do down dog with your beloved canine companion
- make an appointment for a massage
- do chair yoga
- list 5 things for which you are grateful
- mist lavender spray or rose water into the air
- take a mini savasana
- indulge in legs up the wall topped off with a lavender eyepillow
- schedule a staycation

One thought on “get your tranquility on

  1. Sarah

    July 26, 2009 at 5:03pm

    Love this post! Thanks for the tips! You always find a way to provide good energy.

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