yogi of the month – shannon demko

this title is reserved for yogis who have shown a strong dedication to their practice, are enthusiastic about their growth, and enjoy sharing it with others.
i first started practicing yoga in 2002 by accident. i was taking a pilates class in my gym in philadelphia, and one night a new teacher arrived and announced that – surprise! – our pilates class was now a yoga class. ok, i thought, as long as i’m here…i don’t want to be rude and leave, but i don’t know. after one class, i was hooked. despite the fact that my muscles ached and my whole body shook in plank pose (not to mention chaturanga), yoga made me feel strong and calm at the same time. as the years passed and i found myself traveling often and moving my home several times, pursuing new challenges, encountering new struggles and finding new joys, yoga went with me. when in a new place that seemed strange and unfamiliar, i would just roll out my mat, and suddenly, i knew just where i was. after returning to dc in spring 2008, i was lucky enough to stumble upon a beautiful yoga studio right in my neighborhood. i didn’t even have to roll out my mat before i knew i was at home at tranquil space. everyone at tranquil space truly loves being here. they smile, they share, they say please and thank you and they genuinely mean it. tranquil space is an urban oasis that provides a welcoming, nurturing environment for everyone from the newest to the most advanced yogi to explore their practice – with an ample supply of tea and cookies. what more could a yogi ask for?

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