team player – carol collins

this title is reserved for members of our team who embody the tranquil space values, excel in their role at the studio, and have a passion for their practice.

i saw some wonderful college friends and family this weekend in new york. i hadn’t been “home” in over 2 years. they each asked me “are you still teaching yoga?” and i said “yes. i love it!” it’s a genuine response. i don’t have to make anything up or complain. i love it. i also appreciate the “extra” work i do on the side as teacher team leader – hiring and managing the teachers and teacher assistants as it’s helped me develop new skills. i love helping with teacher training, mentoring teachers in-training, teaching workshops and i’m really looking forward to leading my second yoga retreat in september!!

much of the growth i seek in my professional life is what i want in my personal life as well. i think that’s why i love what i do so much. i feel grateful that every day i’m moving and stretching!! almost every day i am learning about the movement of energy, anatomy, and the mind-body connection. my yoga (and yoga teaching) includes interest in psychotherapy, meditation, nutritional health, parenting and community building. i am on the path i was meant to be on and i’m going to keep on connecting and exploring within and reaching out. i’m going to keep turning my habits of blame, shame, anger and fear into embracing others and embracing my pain and my love. my yoga and therapy practice consistently – and sometimes annoyingly – remind me i am the sole navigator of this life’s journey. tranquil space has been a great catalyst for my growth over the last 9 years. i love TS.

carol collins is a tranquil space yoga teacher, postnatal specialist, and teacher team leader.

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