i heart summer

summer is officially here and to keep you hydrated, the new sigg bottles have arrived just as we enter the major heat and humidity of the summer. new styles include liter containers, keith haring designs, cool pastels, and retro caps. take home one today with a sports top or bottle cat and keep cool this season and throughout the year.

there are many ways to carry your mat to and from the studio. hand made mat bags from kimberly’s mom, the saka backpack, the simple mat carry strap, and the beautiful drawstring bags made from indian saris. the first order of kismet drawstring mat bag was so popular we just had to bring you more. this time around we also are offering small journals that have the same beautiful silk material and handmade paper.

the tranquil space boutique has always had great branded t-shirts and this year is no exception. the shirts have been flying off the racks, including my personal favorite, the cap sleeve tee in green. show your love in style and celebrate the tenth anniversary of tranquil space with an ‘i heart ts’ tee. this limited run shirt comes in several different colors and the super cute tunic style. get yours today!

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