class schedules & traffic reports

introducing our new schedule page! this was a long time coming… we love our online reservation system, but it isn’t the ideal way to check out the class schedule if all you want is a quick glace at the times and classes. the new tranquil space schedule page lists times and classes for all three studios (dupont, arlington & bethesda), along with easy to download PDFs so you can print them out for offline reference.

also new (thanks to the suggestion of one of our awesome team members) is a downloadable calendar file for the dupont schedule. it works for ical, the iphone, google calendars, and a whole lot more. if you can import an .ics file into your mobile device or calendar software, you’ve got the dupont schedule! we’re all 21st century now!

another page you may want to check out is our dupont traffic report page. each class is coded green, yellow and red. greens are more lightly attended classes, reds are our most popular, and yellows are in between. if you prefer a little more elbow room, consider coming to one of the green classes. if you love the energy of a packed class, come in for a red class. it’s also a good indication for the age-old question… “should I sign up for this class in advance?”

we’ll be adding in all of the other studios soon… in the meantime, if you have ideas for other things we can do on the website, feel free to drop us a line or leave a comment in the comment box at any of the studios.

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