be the change: live compassionately

“be the change you wish to see in the world.” – gandhi

as yogis, we have a responsibility to embrace lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu and ensure our thoughts, words, and actions are having a positive impact. this can be done through simple gestures, mindful words, and generous actions. last night i held a team retreat for our divine front desk team and asked them to journal about how they live their practice of yoga off the mat. i encourage you, too, to take a moment to reflect on that question. it’s a big one as yoga seaps into every part of our lives – diet, career, relationships, lifestyle.

one of the five tranquil space values is compassion. giving back is a key component of the yoga lifestyle. while musing on this concept a couple weeks ago, i came up with all sorts of ways express compassion to others, the environment, and yourself. some simple, some grandiose. here’s a peek at my list:

say “merci beaucoup
snail mail a thank you note
plant a garden
don eco-fashion
buy local
give a seedling
plant a tree or grove as a gift
hold open a door for the person behind you
donate to a favorite charity each month
support animal rights
eat less meat, eat more veggies
write an old-fashioned snail mail letter
for every item you bring home, give something away
give gratitude each day
bake cookies
adopt a manatee
live your passion
do yoga
embrace feminism
take a deep breath before entering a room
adopt a pet
carry a reusable water bottle
surround yourself with fresh flowers
light a candle
sip fair trade tea
listen to inspiring music
go green
buy organic
pay attention
stay informed
adopt a pug
call your gramma
share your voice
protest shark fin soup
change the world one purchase at a time
support local farmer’s markets
do more yoga
write it out in your journal
buy local art
remember birthdays
give kudos publicly
support friends’ dreams
throw a chariTea soiree
start a business
launch a non-profit
head a girls’ group
adopt an orangutan (i adopted dodo – in the photo!)
give a compliment
support indie music

there are SO many ways to make a difference and i’ve only scratched the surface with a few of my favorites. please feel free to add your compassionate touches in the comments section. i’m on this journey with you and welcome feedback on how tranquil space can help make your life better. we’re here to serve and my intention is to do it in a most compassionate way.

wishing you a beautiful start to summer filled with sparkling moments: iced tea topped with fresh mint, picnics, heart openers, down time, beach reading, yummy yin yoga, basking in the sun, walks in the park, belly laughs, deep breaths.

tranquilly yours,
kimberly wilson, founder + creative director

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