team player – hilary wentz

this title is reserved for members of our team who embody the tranquil space values, excel in their role at the studio, and have a passion for their practice.

i’m so grateful to be part of the tranquil space community as both a teacher and a student. that is what kept me coming back as a new student after all: a sense of community. when i was searching for a yoga studio five or so years ago, tranquil space stood out among the rest due to its inviting space, nurturing and welcoming teachers and team members, and, of course, the fabulous workshops and events! each and every time one walks into the studio, they are so warmly welcomed, much like the tv show cheers. it is truly a special community and i am honored to be a part of it. i look forward to getting to know all of the students and team members as we grow and learn in this nurturing space together. namaste!

hilary wentz is a tranquil space teacher.

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