men’s sale

chris rock said it best when he said “what does daddy get for all his hard work? the big piece of chicken for dinner!” in honor off all the dads, uncles, brothers, cousins and other men that we love, we are giving them 10% off all men’s items the whole month of june. mom’s get a day and i’m giving you a month!

don’t just give him the big piece of chicken or the lame tie this year. treat that special man in your life to a great pair of be present pants, cool shorts from 72k or a tranquil space tee. guys you can also treat yourselves to something nice. i know you’ve been eyeing that cool tranquilit v-neck shirt or hoodie. you desevere to be good to yourself too. who knows you better than yourself?

celebrate summer and the male spirit this june with this gift. peace.

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