Learn to Fly Like a Bird THIS Saturday @ Tranquil Space Arlington

Do wonder how to start to fly in crow? What is parsva bakasana? One-legged what? 

Parsva Bakasana

Join Siobhan in Arlington THIS Saturday, July 26th, from 5-7p for a heated practice where she will break down he mysteries of flying in:

  • Bakasana (crow)
  • Parsva Bakasana (side crow)
  • Galavasana (flying crow)
  • Eka Pada Bakasana (one-legged crow)
  • Crow flying? Then learn how to transition to tri-pod headstand and back
  • Your Parsva Bakasana already taking off? Then learn the steps to take it to chatturanga and tri-pod headstad

This workshop is geared for those who want to learn how to work into these poses and if you already know some then Siobhan will work with you to take them deeper and play in new ways. Since we will spend a lot of time on our hands this workshop is not a good fit for beginners.

“Siobhan’s knowledge of the subject matter was eclipsed only by her enthusiasm for the practice. The workshop was the perfect combination of challenging and fun.” – workshop participant

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Step into Your Confidence

Confidence! We all want it — and we all struggle with it from time to time. Come flex your confidence muscles with life coaches Katie DePaola of Whole Glow and Rebecca Rubin of the Pursuit of Fabulous. In 90 minutes, we’ll stretch you past your comfort zone + support you in becoming more confident in everything you do!

katie and rebeccaThis is a charity event to benefit the Tranquil Space Foundation (suggested donation of $10).

Join us for “Step into your Confidence: How to be Your Best + Most Beautiful Self this Summer” on Thursday August 7 from 6:45 pm to 8:15 pm at Tranquil Space Dupont Circle.

To sign up see the Tranquil Space scheduler online here.

Yogic Threads Workshop Coming to Tranquil Space Arlington

Yoga Dave Kidney-321_2_2 (2)

One of the primary purposes of studying the Yoga Sutras is to healthfully question the way we go about our daily lives and interact with the world around us. According to Patanjali, the asana practice is but one part of a rounded, holistic approach to life. Join us on Saturday August 16th 5-7p at our Arlington location for a discussion around the core concepts of the Sutras, such as the yamas and niyamas, and finding focus for mindful meditation, or samyama. A practice that embraces the range of Patanjali’s collection of aphorisms will follow. Feel free to bring a journal for meditation and reflection.  All levels of experience and practice are welcome!

You can sign-up in advance online here. Hope to see you all there!

Yoga + Writing – this Friday

Join Kimberly Wilson, author of three books and an avid blogger since 2004.

kimberlyFriday, July 25 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
at Tranquil Space Dupont Circle

Explore links between writing and yoga, practice poses to help your writing flow, and indulge in reflective guided writing. Learn various writing tools, the path to publication, along with ways to get started as a blogger. Leave inspired with a writing action plan. Be dressed to practice, and bring paper, pen, and a non-judgmental mind for our writing together.

Suitable for the newbie, curious, and the publisher author. To sign up, see the Tranquil Space event webscheduler here.